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Presentation Proposals

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Presentation/ Workshop Proposal: 


Due: Wed May 21st

(immediately after class on a 'new page' linked into your collboration page)



Your Proposal should include:

  • The name of your group and the 'working title' for your presentation
  • A short introduction that captures the central critical and intellectual purpose of your presentation. Ask yourselves, what do we want our audience to 'think about' in context with our question: What is Drama, today?
  • an annotated and hypertexted bibliography - - be discriminating: select the sources you think will be most valuable.


  • A description of your presentation style: Workshop, Video's, Guest speaker? Theatrical?  Your imagination, at this point, is free to explore possibilities. Be sure to include details like expected length, we have time to be flexible, and technical needs, we can get extra data -projectors, etc ... .
  • A schedule that indicates your plans with completion dates


All presentations should be ready for Monday June 2th


And, remember, your proposal is a 'draft document' that may change as you proceed to gather and synthisize your research, and it may change again as you organize the elements of your final presentation.


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