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New Page Name: Group Report

Page history last edited by Erika Paterson 15 years, 10 months ago

Final Group Report 

Due Monday June 2/ before class



Your group reports are a way to keep me informed on the work that is being accomplished within your group and also a way to ensure that your work together progresses at a reasonable speed.  The value of your reports will be included in your 'Participation & Collabortion grade, so you should work toward demonstrating both your individual participation in the group and your collaborative efforts. To be clear,  for this final group report I expect, at minimum, the following to be included in your Group report:


  • An outline of your presentation or workshop.
  • Your final  annotated bibliography with links (when possible) of all your outside readings / watchings and web site explorations (by watchings I mean films or television).
  • A file with the images you are using for your presentaion that includes links to image sources


  • If you created a power point slide show or video, please upload and include with your report
  • A final well written paragraph that concludes your research and  presentation.



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