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 Assignment Guidelines: Drama 226

 Class Discussions / Workshop participation / Group collaboration: 30%

End of term presentations: 30 %

Final Exam: 40%

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  Class discussions/ Workshop participation / Group collaboration: 30%



We will spend about 30% of our time together raising questions, discussing ideas and presenting readings and research findings. In preparation to fully participate in these discussions and workshops you will need to read and take notes on your journal page. You should also make comments on our class discussions after each class, relating your research or questions to our class discussions. Many of these discussions will be in small groups of 3 to 6 people in order to facilitate full participation. I will evaluate your success with participation and collaboration by reading your journal pages on a regular basis. I will also evaluate your overall engagement with our class through one on one discussion with you on your journal page and in the classroom. I expect your journal page to be scholarly, and by that I mean you will ALWAYS use correct citation and provide hyperlinks to all your sources AND images as well as annotated bibliography pages. At the same time, I expect your journal to be creative, experimental, and reflective of your insights and questions.


End of Term Presentation: 30%


We will spend another 30% of our time together working in research teams.We will pass the semester working together to create a mini-conference at the end of term with each group contributing a 15-minute presentation or workshop that demonstrates their group's research for the semester. I will video tape these presentations and evaluate them in context with your Group reports and Presentation Proposals which should be posted on your journal page (see due dates for these on our class schedule). We will have a class dedicated to presentation techniques, and many workshop hours for your team to prepare your presentation in class. Accordingly, I will expect well-organized, researched, exciting, creative, and academically polished presentations or workshops.

Final Exam: 40%


Your final exam will be a 2 1/5 hour short essay exam based on our mini-conference. This means you will need to keep notes on each presentation and following discussion in order to be prepared to answer short essay questions concerning the research presentations and workshops that are presented. You will be evaluated based on your critical thinking and insights, your organization of your ideas, your skill with essay composition and the completeness of your answers.


 Attendance is 100% necessary for this class. I will take attendance at the beginning of each class, if you arrive late, please be sure to remember to sign the attendance sheet. For each class missed without an excellent reason, I will deduct 10 points from you overall final grade.







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